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Upcoming Events

Bringing you the latest events from SyncThermology. We will list our screening clinic dates, talks, training courses and open days along with events from our associates. You can book and enquire about our events online.

SyncThermology Annual Conference

Cheshire Equine Clinic - 25-Nov-2017 9am - two day event
Plans are well underway for our Annual Team Conference and CPD, which takes place on the 26th-27th November. This year's conference will be held at the Cheshire Equine Clinic who have fantastic facilities to accommodate our CPD sessions. SyncThermology believe that team CPD, personal development and training is crucial to building a stron..... more ›

Cornwall Dressage Group AGM

Ladock Community Hall - 6-Oct-2016 8pm
Our South West Branch Manager Louisa will be attending the Cornwall Dressage Group AGM with our information stand so please go over and have chat and ask any questions if you're attending...... more ›