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Region : Worcestershire

Telephone : 07767 716 325

Email : toni.smith@synccanine.com

Toni joined the Sync team in late 2019 and is based in Worcestershire. She has very much an animal orientated background and her deep seated passion for animals large and small has existed for as long as she can remember!  Toni began riding in early childhood and gained experience in training and eventing to Novice BHTA, plus in Show Jumping and Dressage. She has enjoyed many seasons hunting her 16.1hh thoroughbred ‘Henry’. and spent a number of years running her own yard. Combining this with a childhood surrounded by dogs, she has been left with a natural affinity for both dogs and horses alongside a great love of the outdoors and sport, enjoying time outside with her two Border Collies in all winds and weathers. Toni currently volunteers for her local RSPCA where she enjoys working with smaller animals too. 

Originally having trained in another profession, Toni decided to retrain with a view to making her passion for animals her career, in her words, wanting to "Give Something Back". Having taken time out to study for a degree in Animal Therapy she has a strong personal interest in anatomy and biomechanics and a particular interest in their importance in relation to animal behaviour, performance and training. She is currently continuing her studies and is presently working towards a Masters Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy which she looks forward to adding her professional services portfolio.

Toni originally came across SyncThermology after attending a presentation on Veterinary Thermography and realised that Sync’s work captured many aspects and areas of training which she really wanted to include in her own work life. Essentially, the potential to monitor quantifiably, vascular responses even at a sub-clinical level, before changes occur pathologically, was something she saw as a very powerful tool. Sync provides an excellent platform for her to work alongside a dedicated team, apply and expand her knowledge and to continue with her work focusing on supporting animals and their owners.