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Region : Devon

Telephone : 07910 483 664

Email : ruth@synccanine.com

Ruth lives near Plymouth in Devon, along with her two beautiful ragdoll cross cats Magic & Merlin, her scruffy border terrier Haggis, and two tanks of colourful tropical fish. Ruth has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science, which focused on the biochemistry, physiology and nutrition of farm animals. 

After graduating she was lucky enough to be taken on as a dog trainer at the Assistance Dogs charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, where she worked for ten years.  She trained a huge variety of breeds, ranging from chihuahuas and terriers to spaniels and Labradors, not to mention any number of crosses and complete mongrels, as well as her personal favourites - Norwegian buhunds and an Italian spinone. While at Hearing Dogs, Ruth also qualified as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and ran puppy classes with a couple of colleagues for approximately four years.

Ruth then decided that it was time for a change, so studied for a Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy with the National Association of Animal Therapists, qualifying in 2004. She has been working as a canine physio ever since and is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists.  You can find out more about this side of her work at www.physio-fit-k9.co.uk   Alongside this Ruth also works part time as a receptionist at her local small animal vets, where she is well known for giving all the new puppies a very enthusiastic welcome!

Ruth first came across thermography when a friend suggested it to her for her dog Haggis when he was being investigated for an unexplained lameness and lethargy. She could see the benefits in terms of it being totally non-invasive and that no sedation or general anaesthestic was necessary, combined with it being a relatively low cost procedure. However she wasn't convinced that the scans would have much meaning to her vets, as they weren't used to reading them. Only after Haggis had undergone MRI scans, EMG testing and muscle biopsies did she hear about SyncThermology. One of the differences with SyncThermology compared to other thermographic companies, is that all of the scans are interpreted by their own team of vets. After experiencing the benefits of the service and seeing thermology's potential, Ruth made the decision to train as a Technician for Syncthermology and joined the team in 2018. The fact all interpretation is completed by our trained veterinary surgeons, gave Ruth the confidence to offer this service both to her own physio clients and to clients of her local veterinary practices, knowing that the scans can be used to their full potential.