Head Office: 0845 519 5971

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Region : South Somerset / Devon / Dorset

Telephone : 07804 494 464

Email : jane.walters@syncequine.com

Jane started riding at the age of 5 and has ridden all her life.  Owning her first horse as a teenager, she then took a break from horses to go to Falmouth University where she gained an Honours Degree in Fine Art.

A subsequent move to Bristol enabled her to begin a 20 year career in marketing and communications management, during which time she worked with some household names primarily within the Financial Services sector.  Jane also returned to horses, owning three at one point, although now she just has Reggie, a 6 year old warmblood who she is hoping to do some eventing and showjumping with. Experiences with her own horses brought about an interest in preventing and managing lameness, but her career always took priority until she was made redundant in 2016. 

Redundancy gave Jane the opportunity to make some changes, so a move back home to Somerset was planned and finally happened in June.  The move also meant that Jane was able take the opportunity to join the SyncEquine team, as an Equine Imaging Technician covering South Somerset, Dorset and Devon.  Jane was drawn to SyncThermology by the professional model which integrates thermology with other diagnostic tools, and also by the fact that the business has its own veterinary team producing the clinical reports, adding credibility to the service and the technology.