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Equine Injuries

January Offer! Does your colt or filly have any joint concerns? Throughout January, Syncthermology will be offering half price full body scans for colts and fillies as part of our young horse awareness month. You also have the opportunity to win a full body scan for  ... more ›

Screening For The Young Horse This January

Screening young horses for injury and disease is something many of us take very seriously. X-rays are taken to monitor joint development, ultrasound is used regularly to review soft tissue structures and now thermal imaging is used to assess the body for abnormalities. SyncThermology c ... more ›

New Professional Links For Our North West Team

Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA Thursday 27th November saw our North West technicians Georgina and Rachel have a productive meeting with Registered Veterinary Nurse Rachel Bean. Joining us for an equine scan in Lancashire, Rachel was impressed with the level of professionalism, care a ... more ›

SyncThermology Annual Conference 2014

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for our team between our annual conference, exciting business meetings and visits to some more exotic clients at Bristol Zoo so we apologise in the delayed conference round up but better late than never J The SyncThermology team gathered ... more ›

Avian Adventures - Our Latest Research Project Begins

SyncThermology are delighted to have been asked to take part in a new study working alongside some of the UK’s zoos and wildlife parks. We recently began a large research project with the aim of collecting data on a disease referred to as Bumblefoot. "Bumblefoot”  ... more ›

SyncThermology Goes Western!

SyncThermology entered a new market in August this year as Georgina our Lancs Technician introduced the company to the Western Equestrian Society at their National Championships. Georgina, who is also the Lancashire representative for the W.E.S was competing at the event, so accompanie ... more ›

Team Story, Tracy Lomax

Our Yorkshire based technician Tracy Lomax brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, here is a little bit about her. Tracy trained at the British School of Osteopathy in London and then went on to qualify as an Equine Osteopath working with an Orthopaedic vet  ... more ›

Screening Giraffes At Marwell Zoo

Our technician Lucy Challis has been busy screening at Marwell Zoo. Working at the Zoo is always exciting and Lucy had a great time screening the Giraffes. Our service has been used successfully in early lameness detection, detecting musculo-skeletal problems, masititis detection, ... more ›

Kelly Marks & SyncThermology

Today our technician Lucy Challis went over to visit Kelly Marks and her team in Lambourn. Lucy has been working with many of the vets in the area and was keen to introduce the service to Kelly. We will be writing up the story in the next Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine and ... more ›

Sophie Gent, Three Peaks Challange 2014

Sophie Gent, SyncThermologys managing director took part in the Three Peaks Challenge last weekend to raise a bit of money for some of her favourite causes. The National Three Peaks Challenge is a well known phrase amongst the more adventurous. This challenge inv ... more ›