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International Event Rider William Fox-Pitt Endorses Our Service

SyncThermology are proud to announce that International Event Rider William Fox-Pitt endorses our service and supports the work we do to improve equine diagnosis and preventive medicine. As you can imagine our team are delighted to have him supporting our service, we hav ... more ›

The Influence of Pain on Equine Behaviour by Melanie Watson of Instinctive Horse Training

THE INFLUENCE OF PAIN ON EQUINE BEHAVIOUR Horses have many ways of showing us that they are in pain. These ways are, inevitably, behavioural and it is our responsibility to be aware of changes in behaviour and to think about what the horse is trying to say. In any situation in whic ... more ›

Pain or Behaviour?

Pain or Behaviour? Does your horse have a behavioural or training issue? Could it be stemming from pain? Thermography is one of the only tests that can help to visualise and quantify your horses’ subjective feeling of pain. This can be helpful when evaluating c ... more ›

Grand National Weekend Is Here

Our latest blog is a lovely piece by our Durham based Technician Holly who has not only owned a National runner but also ridden at Aintree on National Day, Enjoy ...... A glint appears in a purposeful eye, arteries pumping hard, veins raised, supplying essential oxygen to ... more ›

Meet The Team - Jules La Garde - Branch Manager Midlands / East Anglia

Jules has always been fortunate enough to be able to run parallel careers – 3 days per week with horses and 3 days per week in business. She initially approached SyncThermology for help assessing one of her own horses, and realised that working with us pe ... more ›

SyncThermology Are Expanding Our Team Of Technicians

SyncThermology Are Expanding Our Team Of Technicians SyncThermology are currently expanding our professional team of Technicians around the UK. Our Technician role gives you the flexibility to create your own work/life balance while being involved in a dynamic and expanding i ... more ›

Equine Back Pain by Tracy Lomax D.O

Does your horse have back pain? The basic structure of a horse is modified on an ancestor adapted for grazing, reproducing, and frustrating predators. Its modern descendant has been modified to develop many different qualities such as speed for racing, power for jumpi ... more ›

March Offer and Competition

Can you believe we're in March already! This month we're offering a discount on back scans so if you suspect your horse of having an issue why not give us a call. We're also offering you the chance to win a back scan, a treatment by one of our associated physio's or osteop ... more ›

Expanding Links With Professionals

SyncThermology are always delighted to increase our network of associated professionals and Joanne Shaw of Red House Farm is the latest to add to our list. We will be holding a screening day at her base Red House Farm on the 8th of March and booking details can be found on the at ... more ›

Diagnosing Equine Back Problems

SyncThermology regularly visit clients who suspect their horse may have a back issue and are looking for a way of establishing or ruling this out. We are happy to arrange clinics and screening days as well as single visits nationally, so if this is something you are interested in, vis ... more ›