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Performance Horse Joint Management

This week our blog is written by our Sync South Branch Manager Lucy. Lucy has a great deal of experience managing performance horses and has been eventing professionally up to advanced level for the last 25yrs. Here's how she manages her equine athletes.... It is vitally impo ... more ›

Joint Disease and Osteopathy

This week our blog is written by our Yorkshire Branch Manager, qualified animal Osteopath and owner of Huddersfield Osteopathy, Tracy. As part of our focus on joints in this quarter, Tracy writes about how Osteopathy works to help manage joint function and health. Although Tracy dis ... more ›

Joint Focus - Equine Joint Disease

This week our blog is written by our Reading based Technician Louise Crow we hope you enjoy...... Veterinary DITI, Assisting Animal Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation In this quarter SyncEquine and SyncCanine are focusing on joint related issues. T ... more ›

Joint Focus - The Benefits Of Canine Hydrotherapy

Our Berkshire based Canine Technician Michelle, who is also a qualified Hydrotherapist and owner of Aquatic Canine Therapy in Newbury has written our latest blog. As part of our focus on joints in this quarter, Michelle writes about the benefits of hydrotherapy on canine joi ... more ›

SyncCanine Yorkshire

Meet Kate Clapperton our imaging technician for SyncCanine Yorkshire Kate owns Splashy Pups Hydrotherapy in Sheffield and is also part of our canine imaging team. After a year working with vets in hydrotherapy centres, Kate set up her own clinic in Sheffield an ... more ›

Our Team Continues To Expand

As the team at SyncThermology continues to expand we welcome Louise Crow to our team of Technicians, Louise is based in Reading and joins our equine team, she has written a short blog for you..... I have really enjoyed my training with SyncThermology which is now all complet ... more ›

Business Opportunity In Scotland

SyncThermology are currently recruiting for a Scottish Branch Manager, we are looking for a motivated individual who is capable of building their own team around them. We have an opportunity for the right candidate to expand our service in Scotland and de ... more ›

SyncThermology Sponsor Centaur Biomechanics Annual Conference

We were delighted to sponsor and attend the annual Centaur Biomechanics conference at the weekend, this year titled "Improve Your Riding And Confidence". The event was both thought provoking and extremely inspirational. We felt very proud to have supp ... more ›

Canine Training at Hawsmoor Hydrotherapy

Last week we went to Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre for a day of Canine Technician training with four members of our existing team. We were welcomed at Hawksmoor with a fantastic screening environment and facilities available for stress testing the patients we had booked in for the day. ... more ›

Presenting At The Philip Leverhulme Hospital

Last week we lectured at The Phillip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, more commonly known as Leahurst. We presented to most of their equine veterinary team and the lecture was well received. It was a particularly important day for our Wirral based Technician Claire  ... more ›