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The Link Between Canine Pain and Behaviour

The Link Between Pain And Behaviour In Dogs by Shelley Heading – SyncCanine, South East As owners we are often the first to pick up on changes in our dogs behaviour. We often think we need a trainer or behaviourist to help us, however, ... more ›

Alone we can do a little.... together we can do so much!

Our latest blog from Equine Technician Lou Crow I first met Rob Jackson, the Horseback Vet in 2016 when he came to assess and treat one of my livery yard owner’s horses following me performing Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) as a newly qualified SyncEquine Technician. ... more ›

SyncThermology Europe & International Zoology Interpretation Services…

We are delighted to launch our first European branch in Spain this year in association with Veterinary Surgeon Rodrigo Fagundes and his team. Rodrigo joined the SyncThermology earlier this year and will assist the development of the technology/ service throughout Europe. Rodrigo bring ... more ›

Identifying Early Stage Pathology

Detecting injury and disease at an early stage is an attractive idea but the reality of putting this into practice can be a challenge. Often clients notice subtle gait changes or report a behavioural problem before clinical signs occur. Even though clients would like to identify proble ... more ›

SyncEquine & Centaur Biomechanics

We are delighted to announce the renewal of our sponsorship to Dressage rider Russell Guire, founder of Centaur Biomechanics. SyncThermology and Centaur Biomechanics have been working effectively in partnership over the past eight years. It is the desire of both organisations to cont ... more ›

SyncCanine & The Medical Detection Dogs

SyncCanine, part of SyncThermology, are delighted to announce they are teaming up with Medical Detection Dogs to assist the team in ongoing monitoring and preventative care. Bio-detection & Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to detect the odour of diseases in samples s ... more ›

Shedding some light on the detection of early stage disease and injury!

We are delighted to launch our new awareness campaign that we hope will help to improve the early detection of disease and injury for horses and dogs across the UK. SyncThermology have been busy preparing educational features to support this campaign and we look forward ... more ›

SynEquine Sharing Knowledge In Northumberland

At SyncEquine, we are passionate about education and improving the welfare of horses. One of the ways in which we do this, is by delivering informative lecture demos around the country with the aim of educating people on the technology and the correct/appropriate use of it. ... more ›

The advances in treatment of Osteoarthritis

by Kat Kuczynska, North West Management and treatment options for Osteoarthritis are changing, due to a new philosophy emerging from latest information looking into the process of the disease and its impact. Much of the veterinary effort to date has been focussed on the patho ... more ›

A day in the life of SyncThermology’s Managing Director Sophie Gent

When our office team asked me to write a piece on a day in my life the first thought I had was that no one will believe me when I tell them what the average day consists of… I decided my plan was to diary log the next working day and see how it went. We are a small to medium si ... more ›