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SyncCanine Team Up With CAM (Canine Arthritis Management)

SyncCanine (https://www.synccanine.com/) are delighted to be teaming up with CAM (Canine Arthritis Management) (https://caninearthritis.co.uk) to support the Big September Walk Campaign (https://caninearthritis.co.uk/cam-big-september-walks/). W ... more ›

Find The Right Vet For You

FIND THE RIGHT VET FOR YOU Sometimes we’ll get enquiries for Equine or Canine imaging where the owner says they don’t want to involve their vet. They’re worried about a costly and lengthy investigation followed by an invasive or surgical treatment plan th ... more ›

SyncThermology Embarks On Camel Research Project by Helen Mathie (ACPAT A) RAMP

In 2006 I undertook a research project out in Dubai, UAE with Professor Alan, Dr Thilo Pfau, Dr Rachel Payne, Dr Kevin Parsons and a fellow NZ physio student researcher Sarah Cruickshank. The project came up in co ... more ›

Lame, in pain, or just a niggle?

Dogs and horses often find themselves under veterinary investigation due to lameness. Where a horse was fine one day and came in from the field ‘hopping lame, on 3 legs’ the next, or a dog jumped from the sofa, yelped and couldn’t take weight on a front ... more ›

6 Lessons of a Sync Trainee

Training to be an imaging technician with SyncThermology is both technically challenging and extremely rewarding. Our technicians have to demonstrate a high level of competence in many areas before they pass training and embark on the next step....becomi ... more ›

Sync Expands Services to Spain

We are delighted to announce that we have officially expanded our imaging services in Spain. Equine and Canine Imaging is now available via our veterinary partner clinic Caanes, who are based in Alicante. The service brand has been given a Spanish twist and SyncEquino & S ... more ›

Recognising Equine Lameness by Sarah Holland-Villa Sync Technician

Here's the latest blog from our West Sussex based Technician Sarah Holland-Villa on recognising equine lameness. Sarah is a BHS Senior Coach and Equinology Equine Body Worker. She has ridden and been around horses since a child and her childhood  ... more ›

5 Reasons to Join Our Team in 2019

2018 was a great year for SyncThermology, we have been operating for nearly 10 years and have established an experienced team of technicians that provide canine, equine and zoology imaging services along with our own veterinary surgeons that provide bespoke interpretation/ reports. Our ... more ›

The Effect Of Poor Conformation On The Wider Skeletal System Of The Horse by Yogi Sharp DipWCF

Introduction This paper will evaluate the physiological effect of poor conformation and hoof morphology on the wider skeletal system of the horse. As touched on by Simon Curtis (2002) the variations are limitless and therefore their physio ... more ›

SyncThermology Events Diary - February 2019

SyncThermology have a jam packed events timetable in February. If you are considering having your animal scanned, joining our team or learning more about our services/technology take a look at the list of events below and come and meet our team. ... more ›