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Location: Mercure Warwickshire Walton Hall Hotel
Date: 23-Feb-2019
Time: all day - two day event

23rd & 24th February - Horses Inside Out Conference

This conference focuses on 'Moving Forward' in the literal, practical, theoretical and scientific sense. With inspiration from experts in their fields, the event  will look at training, technical advances, rehabilitation and the importance of well fitting, well-designed tack. It is ideal for equestrians from all disciplines, riders, therapists, coaches, saddlery professionals, farriers, podiatrists, dentists, lecturers, students, vets, breeders, equine business owners, managers and anyone interested in the horse. This year Gillian Higgins, Dr Rachel Murray, Dr Chris Pearce & Dr Maria Soroko amongst others will all be presenting. We are particularly excited to listen to Dr Soroko present her work in the thermographic field.  Come and meet our team at the event and take a look at our interesting cases and research studies.